Let’s build a gate so we can get in to the garden compound… you know, the one that keeps all the deer out?

DIY Wooden Garden Gate

Fast forward a few years:

Flagstone Path Backyard

You have to start somewhere and lucky for me I have a little flat ground perfect for putting it all together. Let’s take a look at a few pictures to help you get an idea of what we did to build this gate.

Initial Stages of a Garden Fence Build

Screw Bracing

Used fencing nails and welded wire.

Garden Gate Welded Wire Fencing Nails

Another layer to keep the welded wire in place (if there was any doubt). Heavier, sturdy.

Hiding the Fencing Nails

Flat service is coming in super handy right about now. Let’s draw these pieces closer together and secure everything with screws. Also: notice the chicken wire added to the bottom of the gate section. No bunnies allowed.

Prepping Garden Gate on Flat Surface

The more I’ve learned… the more I don’t use these. I like Timber Locks for almost everything now.

Large Screws for Gate

Big ties in the corners for stability.

Garden Gate (wood)

Cross brace for stability.

Cross Brace for Wooden Garden Gate

Garden Gate Layout

Luckily, I remembered to measure what size it needed to be. Phew….

Prepping Install of Garden Fence Gate

Man, I just love it when things work out.

Garden Gate Installed
Garden Gate Installed

It’s held up nicely over the last several years.

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