Here’s a look at our first chicken coop build. It’s not perfect, it took a long time, it was expensive… but it was a great learning experience. Built in 2015 this coop and chicken run have kept our chickens safe from all of the bobcats, coyotes, skunks, and raccoons. Wellll – other than that one time a bobcat laid off the roof, put its paw in the small crack above the run door (which since I’ve shut) and like stupid chickens do, one jumped right up in a frantic scare (just enough for the bobcat to snag it out of the 5 inch opening above the door. Saw the whole thing.

Here’s the completed coop about 4 years after we initially built it (all nice and freshly painted):

Chicken Coop

Let’s get started! Why not build a chicken coop on a slope. Why not build it in a place where you have to remove a bunch of rocks and tree limbs. Got it!

Preparing the land for the Chicken Coop and Run.

There, that’s better.

Flattening the Chicken Coop Area

The worst part of building stuff is all the trips to Home Depot.

Many Home Depot Trips for Chicken Coop Wood

Let’s start building…

First Studs & Columns for the Chicken Coop

The Level Start to the Chicken Coop, Columns

Ensure Columns are Level, Concrete Base with Treated Wood

Concrete Base with Treated Wood for Columns

Run door fortification – this spot needs a little reinforcing so little critters can’t dig under. We used pavers we had laying around, it’s perfect.

Laying Pavers by Run Door to Protect from Digging Predetors

Wire meshing deep in the ground under where the coop will be. Don’t want any diggers getting under and eating chicken for dinner.

Chicken Coop Columns & Floor Prep

Under Coop Floor Chicken Area with Mesh Wire

Plywood flooring.

Chicken Coop Columns and Coop Floor

Initial Chicken Coop Columns with Mesh Wire Run


Wire Mesh for Chicken Run

Run protection.

Mesh Wire for Run Protection

Excavation and Chicken Coop Prep

Building a Chicken Coop on Slope (excavation)

Introducing the Chicks to the Run

Framing the Chicken Coop Walls

Preparing the Roof

Wire Mesh for Chicken Run (keeps predators out)

Framed Columns + Roof Prep for Chicken Coop and Run

Roof Preparation for the Chicken Coop and Run

Architectural Design for Chicken Coop Roof

Roof View for the Chicken Coop

Mesh Wire for Window Protection in Coop

Shade under the coop of the little chickies.

Process of Framed Chicken Coop - Side

Framing the Internal Wall for Chicken Coop / Run

Tongue and Groove Siding Cut Outs with Handsaw

Tongue and Groove Siding Cut Outs with Circular Saw

Tongue and Groove Siding on Chicken Coop

Chicken Coop Construction with Tongue and Groove Siding

Inside Run View of New Siding

Nesting Box Creation

Chicken Coop Siding & Frame

Preparing the Nesting Boxes for the Chicken Coop

Nesting Box with Tongue and Groove Siding

Applying Water Proof Caulk Sealer for Nesting Box

Water Proof Caulk Sealer for Nesting Box

Chicken Coop Construction with Tongue and Groove Siding

Nesting Box Addition to Chicken Coop

Measure Twice - Cut Once - Chicken Coop Prep

Close up of the Chicken Run Door

Brace for Chicken Coop Door

See, that’s the little spot above the door where the bobcat nabbed a chicken. Silly chickens.

Chicken Run Door with Mesh Wire

Inside the Chicken Coop / Run

Inside a Chicken Coop

Sand Block for Chicken Coop

Another Internal Picture of the Chicken Coop

Door Plate to Keep the Sand in the Chicken Coop

Chicken Coop and Run Door (new construction)

Inside of a Custom Chicken Coop

Nesting Boxes for Laying Hens

Chicken Coop Nesting Box Custom

New Nesting Box Construction

Privacy Cloth for the Nesting Box

Getting Help on the Chicken Coop Finish Work

Chicken Run Ladder

Finalized Chicken Coop Construction

Single Slope Chicken Coop & Run

Custom Blue Chicken Coop

Solar Lighting on the Chicken Coop and nearby Steps

Here’s the thing about backyard chickens… you’re not going to save money (in fact, you’ll be spending more), they can be annoying, you have to make plans for egg pickup when you go out of town, and it takes work. Sounds nice, right?

But here’s the other thing: it’s a pet that gives you food. I love the fact that each day we can go outside and there’s the perfect little meal all wrapped up and waiting. We love eggs, especially when they’re from our chickens.

Chicken Coop

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