Kendra Hauling 4 in. x 4 in. Pressure-Treated Cedar
Mixing Quikrete for Garden Posts
Pressure Treated 4x4 set in Concrete for Garden Posts
Concrete Pavers to Hold In Place Garden Fence Timbers
Setting Garden Fence Timbers
Preparing Garden Fence Timbers for Placement
Garden Fence Layout
Preparing the Earth with Compost
Compost Delivery
Preparing the Earth for Garden Layout
Raised Garden Bed Prep (Cedar)
Creating Garden Bed for Square Foot Gardening
Treated Cedar for Garden Bed
Raised Garden Bed with Cedar Planks
Gardening Box for Square Foot Gardening
Adding compost for raised garden.
Garden Fence Project
Creation of Garden Fence Area - Keep the Deer Out
Trenching to keep out rabbits in Garden Fence Area
Welded Wire Install for Garden Fence
Adding Welded Wire to Garden Fence Area
Hauling Compost
Compost Delivery
Adding compost for raised garden.
Garden Fence for Square Foot Garden
Square Foot Garden Layout
Garden Fence Project
Garden Fence for Deer Prevention

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